MW-ONU-7804 broadband optical node is designed to suit the need of diplex HFC broadband transmission,The downstream and the upstream respectively performs lightwave-to-RF and RF-to-light-wave signal conversions in an optical transmission link. Configured with four paths of diplex outputs. Normal RF output power is 110dBuV (0dBm optical power input).It can contains two optical receiver modules and two return path optical transmitter modules. The power supply is ~60V.Configured with local power supply port and each port feed AC power outside;The working voltage range is ~35V~90VAC. MW-ONU-7804 optical node is furnished in an aluminum housing that protects the electronics from water .The installation is both horizontal and vertical.

1、5-1000MHz platform
2、Module design; flexiable configuration;convenient extension
3、Configured with 2 optical receiver and 2 optical transmitter
4、Gain and EQ adjustment by fixed attenuator ,1dB step
5、Configured optical receiver and GaAs module;higher performance and better reliability.
6、Four  50dBmV high level output RF port
7、15 amp power passing
8、High efficient switch power supply

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